Approaching your Saturn Return? Buckle up!

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

If you've been feeling like the whole world is against you and everything you've put hard work into is failing miserably, maybe it's time to let Saturn lead you. He knows what is best for you.

Sooner or later most of us reach adulthood. I thought I had reached mine at 21 when I made a spontaneous move across the world - away from my friends, family, and life as I knew it. I had to suddenly become independent - get a job, pay my bills, cook for myself, learn the language, so on and so forth. Little did I know that the true adjustment to adulthood would start after I turned 29. Everything I did or thought I knew how to do before this age was rather menial. Luckily, I had already begun studying Astrology and knew what to expect from the upcoming transit. I agree with the statement "The sooner you start studying Astrology, the better". Let's see what a Saturn Return is all about.

“Saturn is the planet of restrictions, discipline, responsibility and boundaries. It takes Him approximately 29.5 years to orbit the Sun and meet your natal Saturn. Most of us experience Saturn Return twice in our lives, however there is a possibility for a third encounter in your late 80's”

Have you ever been restricted by a parent, teacher, boss, or judge? Saturn's influence forces you to learn tough lessons. What happens if you ignore these lessons? Seeing as the Saturn Return is simply here to put you on the right track; you'll receive lessons that are even harsher. Wherever Saturn travels, He points at your mistakes and forces you to fix them. Why? Because that's what's best for your future. You may not agree with certain things the Giant restricts you from, but the more you let him lead your way, the better your outcome will be. 

You may start noticing that the job you have had for years is no longer satisfying. You may slowly start opening your eyes to those around you, asking yourself; “Is this the right partner/friend for me?". Saturn can remove people from your life in order to teach you that you can do better. If you’ve depended on someone financially going into the transit, Saturn will make sure you find a different source of income and become financially independent of others. If you've been careless about your health and diet, Saturn will bring a consequence. 

This is not an easy transit to deal with. Saturn is a karmic planet. His role is to make us pay karmic debt that we’ve been carrying from past lives. Although you may feel restricted and want to give up, allowing Saturn to take the lead will transform you into the person you’ve always wanted to be! Just go with the flow. As long as you trust the process and put in the effort you will succeed. Do not be afraid to pick apart your or others personalities. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and face reality. 

There is a saying, "If Jupiter is a lawyer, then Saturn is a judge". By the end of the transit, Saturn will judge your efforts and hard work. When this happens you may learn that his discipline is only eclipsed by his rewards. In return for your dedication and effort, you will be rewarded with generous gifts and long-term stability. 

Saturn Return Through The Houses:

Saturn Return in the 1st house.

Accepting yourself may have been difficult for you throughout life. You consider yourself a hard worker, but you may not have quite figured out what you want to dedicate your life to. Saturn is here to help you sort out your personal issues.  Building self-confidence and realizing self-worth are the main themes of this transit. Saturn will throw challenges at you to see how well you deal with them. Will you be prepared to step out of your comfort zone? Ignoring these challenges will only make the following challenges even more difficult. Developing strength and realistic expectations will help you live your life in balance. At the end of the transit, you will realize how much stronger and wiser you've become. You might start helping others with their own hardships and share your transformation with the world. You may even realize how great of a leader you truly are and start a business of your own.

Saturn Return in the 2nd house.

You’re more than likely quite used to struggling with finances. It may seem like the money you make disappears too quickly. You may also find that it just isn't enough to live comfortably. People with Saturn in their 2nd house have a skewed sense of value - thinking that they have to buy what others have in order to "fit in".  They feel they are represented by the material things they own, rather than by their personality and self-confidence. If you have this placement, Saturn is here to show you the true values of life. Whether it's by restricting your financial freedom or reprogramming you to manage your earnings in a better way, you will have to surrender and reevaluate your relationship with money. Saturns lesson may come in the form of temporary financial instability. However, by the end of the transit, Saturn leaves you with a deeper understanding of values, while rewarding you financially, possibly in the form of landing you the job of your dreams.

Saturn Return in the 3rd house.

For those of us that have siblings; this will be an interesting cycle. Having Saturn placed in your 3rd house often heralds situations with older siblings. If you dont have older siblings, this placement can just as well indicate you being far off good terms with those your age or younger. If that's the case, Saturn's influence can bring you closer together. The 3rd house however, isn't just about siblings and your surroundings. It is about your communication skills and how you express yourself to others. Saturn may place you in situations where it's difficult to voice what you want. A great way to overcome these difficulties is to take public speaking classes, going back to school, learning a foreign language, and/or by being careful with what you say to people. At first, it may feel challenging to work on your communication skills, Saturn can worsen your focus. However, while you're improving your relationships with siblings, expanding your knowledge and education, or working on your communication skills, Saturn rewards you with more wisdom, amazing reputation and/or a freelancing profession.

Saturn Return in the 4th house.

Having this placement, you've probably had a hard time leaving your original nest. Conversely, you may have experienced an unhappy childhood and left your home early due to family issues. This could, for the most part, signify a difficult relationship with your mother/mother figure in your home. The 4th house rules places of living, so moving from one place to another may be familiar to you. Saturn is here to shake things up! You could find yourself going on a hunt for a new apartment or needing to remodel your current home. The challenge is - Saturn prefers to delay these dealings until you reevaluate your actions and attitude. Your relationship with family could get intense during this cycle, possibly leaving you drained and desperate. But, there is another side of this coin. By this transits end, you will sort out home-related issues. Working from home, getting into real estate or selling your own property can bring you a plethora of benefits. Starting your own family may be in the cards as well.

Saturn Return in the 5th house.

You may have had a hard time expressing your creativity. You may be afraid of being judged, or prone to thinking that you don't have what it takes for your ideas and aspirations to be taken seriously. Fear of responsibility when it comes to children or lack of self-confidence in the dating world could be the main themes Saturn will prepare you to acknowledge. You will find new ways of expressing yourself, along with feeling comfortable sharing your ideas with the world. If Saturns placement in the 5th house has brought delays in becoming a parent - you most likely won't feel as restricted anymore. You may find yourself coming out of the transit starting a relationship with a serious, long-term romantic partner or possibly becoming a parent. This transit is also well known to be the catalyst in helping people complete a creative project that results in them gaining the self-confidence that they may have been lacking.

Saturn Return in the 6th house.

For some of you, consistently following the routine and serving others is a natural way of living. You could have found yourself taking care of a sick family member, all while neglecting your own health. For others, this placement could conversely make it seem very difficult to stick to a specific routine, resulting in them being served rather than serving those around them. When the Return occurs, things fall into place. If you've been slacking in the health department and/or missing structure in your day-to-day life, Saturn will teach you to pay better attention to details and as well as how to follow a schedule. A health concern may come up, so changing your diet and lifestyle could end up being very beneficial. By this transits end, you will find a balance between responsibilities and pleasure. With better planning and perseverance, you will achieve the successes you've always dreamed of.

Saturn Return in the 7th house.

Building relationships and keeping balance within them is your main concern. Having Saturn in the house of partnerships makes it difficult to obtain long-term stability with other people. This transit teaches you how to differentiate unhealthy relationships from beneficial ones. If you are unhappily married, Saturn will open your eyes to your less-than-perfect partnership (with the 7th house ruling court proceedings, you may find yourself happy and single once again). If you've yet to meet the right business partner, this is the time when Saturn rewards you with one. Whether it's business or personal, be prepared to expand your social circle with wonderful people (ones that stick around for a while!). All this from the newly-developed boundaries and self-respect this transit has bestowed upon you.

Saturn Return in the 8th house.

This is a house of crisis, and you know it better than anyone. You are used to critical situations in life. Now it's time to learn how to deal with them (along with the wounds you've consequently accrued). Throughout your life, money, along with coping with the loss of loved ones, may have been a struggle. Although it is possible to experience a significant loss during the Return, it is often the very catalyst that pushes you to undergo a profound spiritual and personal transformation. Needless to say, you will become more spiritually aware by the end of the transit. "Reborn": this brand new version of you will be admired by everybody. Financial issues may finally be resolved and brand new horizons will begin to dawn. You may even find yourself winning the lottery; helping you pay off your (possibly substantial) debt. As long as you uphold your integrity and stay true to your values; this cycle of transformation will change your life for the better.

Saturn Return in the 9th house.

Have you been thinking about going back to school? It's a great time to do so when a Saturn Return occurs in the house of higher education. You like to view life from a global perspective, however, with the blockages Saturn causes, it might be challenging to expand your own horizons. During this transit, you will grow and evolve spiritually, while adapting to new ideas and goals. If you've been thinking about immigrating or traveling overseas, it will finally become possible. By the end of the return, it's likely that you'll meet a mentor - a person you look up to, who can help you achieve your goals. Legal matters, immigration, and seeking higher education will be just as significant and successful for you. Green cards, visas, passports, financial aid and scholarships - what can be more exciting? If you are religious, your faith will evolve with you. 

Saturn Return in the 10th house.

You have been dreaming about a perfect career, but it seems like no matter what you do, you usually end up back at square one. Issues with your father or misunderstandings with authorities may have been a common occurrence during the course of your life. This transit finds Saturn coming around to judge you on your work ethic. Pretend He is your boss. Have you been working hard? Have you completed all the necessary steps towards becoming successful? The final judgment of Saturn will be to either remove blockages that keep you from succeeding or force you to work twice as hard until you prove him and yourself wrong. This cycle may be difficult to deal with mentally, but it will open your eyes to a perfect career path. Saturn in the 10th house people make for great businessmen and CEOs, for they know better than anyone how hard it is to earn a coin. Expect to find the right career path and resolve issues with authorities. It's your time to shine, perhaps even become an authority yourself!

Saturn Return in the 11th house.

There was always something missing from your friendships. Being a part of the community is important to you, but you don't seem to attract what most people would consider "reliable people". This transit will force you to reevaluate your relationships with your friends and social groups. True friends will stick around and help you grow, while unnecessary acquaintances leave your life with ease. It may be hard to let go of a person that you considered your friend for many years, but Saturn's mission here is to highlight relationships (both good and bad) that you invest your time and energy into, eventually leading you to ask yourself; "are theses people worth it?". You will soon find out. By the end of the transit, you will join a community of like-minded people that will finally make you feel like you belong. Your goals and dreams will become stronger due to the support you'll be receiving. You might even meet a new friend, one who is trustworthy and reliable. 

Saturn Return in the 12th house.

For you, a need to heal from past wounds may be very apparent. You may find yourself wanting to detach from reality. Saturns return in the 12th house usually results in him providing a solid reality check. Facing your fears and learning how to cope with deep psychological issues is the main topic addressed. You may book a trip and go on a retreat, or become interested in metaphysical or psychological topics. Learning to overcome your fears and loneliness will reward you with new hobbies, health improvements, and a brand new outlook on life. If you are prone to sacrificing yourself for others too often, then Saturn will teach you how to set priorities; if you don't sacrifice enough, it's time to learn how to do it in a healthy way. By this transits end, you will conquer your psychological issues and heal painful wounds.

If you don't know your Saturn placement, please use the Birth Chart Calculator to generate your own chart.

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