Feedback from my amazing clients.

“The chart reading with Anna was a great experience which helped me better understand where I come from, why there are things that simply come natural to me and with ease whereas there are others I struggle with. Anna’s voice is lovely and she explains everything very clearly. A lovely human being with a great gift!”

Andreea A.

"In two words: Incredibly gifted!"

April Masini

"Anna's reading was very personal and intuitive. She has a beautiful way of reading the cards and interpreting the meaning as it relates to my life. I found my reading to be incredibly helpful and accurate."

Sandra Wolf

"Anna is very kind and professional. She has demonstrated again and again how much she cares about what she does and keeps her ultimate
goal of helping people very present for every reading. I highly recommend her and hope that she continues to grow in her astrology reading business." 

Melissa W.